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Asia One feature by Davey D!

November 4th, 2013 by asia

You know your are in the convo if Davey D acknowledges you. A foremost Hip-Hop historian, journalist and activist Davey D is our CNN. So relevant, and real, Davey D brings it like no other. No half-stepin, I’m in da game with some real high level playas. Honored and full respect for this man! Keep up with him and stay updated on Hip-Hop politics!



Asia One film: Expect the Unexpected at Hollywood Film Fest Sat. Oct. 19th!

October 18th, 2013 by asia

Check me out this weekend at the Hollywood Film Fest! Im excited to say that the short film about ME: Asia One: Expected the Unexpected is premiering Sat. Oct. 19th at 930pm! If you want to check it out, just go to arclight and cop a ticket. See me in all my unabashed glory, all guts, the good, bad and a bit ugly at times too. A life worth peeping, no sterotypes allowed.



Asia One Live at XGames along with her new short film!

July 29th, 2013 by asia

Because No One Should Have to be a Stereotype

Check it out beautiful people! My time has finally come, after 20 years, my journey thusfar is being realized, as a life worth watching on the big screen! Asia One: Expected the Unexpected is a short film about ME, in all my angst and glory, and my trip and transformation into a Bgirl Icon with Hip-Hop culture as the movement and Bboying/Bgirling as the wizardry.

I will be featured at this years XGames in LA, on Fri. Aug. 2nd from 430-5pm at the Irwindale stage, along with a screening of Expect the Unexpected and a live event with me, and my crew: MZK/XMOB; and special guest MC, Stone’s Throw Recording artist: Percee P! We bringing Hip-Hop culture to the XGames baby~!

Summit wrap up 2012

December 10th, 2012 by asia

This year a spark turned into a flame. Hip-Hop got it credentials back. And it all started with me sitting around a BBQ welcome back party at Boogie Franticks with MZK and fam around.
I need a concept for Summit this year. IF im going to do it, I need an inspiration. I looked around me, saw Casper, Smerf and Prada G, Krash, LBoogz..I saw Frantick, Mad Chad, Devious. And I blurted it out of my mouth, What about Pros2Proteges? They were like huh? And I said, “What about a mentor and student? Think about how we all came up under someone’s wing, I mean that’s how we came up anyway..”
They were like that would be DOPE! So there the idea was born, and implementation began on Bboy Summit 2012 Pros2Proteges. Now the Summit is Hip-Hop, complete, so im thinking how do I cross-pollinate Pros2Proteges in the DJ/MC talent showcase that we always have as part of Summit. Then it clicked! Click and Tek the SupaLatin(s), Mellow Man Ace and Cazal, I thought about how people create protégés, sometimes unconsciously, think about Percee P and WildChild (Loot Pack)…It was flowing like liquid now as the Graffiti element parlayed into the piece book.. showcase 2 crews that epitomize the Pros2Proteges concept on the walls..Fame City with Teal and View and West Coast Artist with Trixter, Cre8 and _______.
Cool thing about this year was the ONLY way u could get down in battles (expect footwork contest) was if you entered as mentor/student. And the parameters were pretty broad from jump. I said you qualify if you have been influencial in someone’s dance on a significant level, and that u didn’t have to be currently rockin w em. So applying this to the whole of Hip-Hop, well yeah u can imagine if you weren’t there! If anyone didn’t come and take part in Summit because they didn’t feel they could enter any contests then your wack. Nuff said. I dreamed it all up in my head, I thought..WOW this is one battle I would enter! I really created it for people who don’t get to really enter contest battles, to show the legacy and how Hip-Hop is transmitted through the generations, how styles are born, and how they differentiate.
Manifesting the artistic concept for the year was a bit of a struggle, but I loved it from the Johnny Cupcakes rip off, to the All Patched Up Flyer complete w vest via Alien Ness. A lot of heads told me they didn’t feel it, and I didn’t feel them after that, lol, cuz it was ill!! But some folks were feelin it, and I think the final flyer, though we put it out a bit late, the Denim Pros2Proteges rocked by View was the clencher. We always keep it in the family as far as Summit goes, shoutouts to Dee Tronix for womaning the kids craft table! I felt the support of the entire commUnity strong on this one. It didn’t matter that a million people didn’t show up, cuz then the cops would have come! The people that did bare witness to the 3 different days of Summit, from the preparty Summit King and Kween of the Cipher Club getdown vibe; to BBQ Beats Blackbooks Park Jam that everyone felt was the highlight of the weekend, we channeled that classic park jam Summit energy that has been a part of each year I have done Summit starting in 1995..But I will say that Sunday’s Pros2Proteges event was paramount bar none. It was an honor to be able to offer that to my Hip-Hop family, via the panel which was amazing, to the battles themselves that will be legendary. Hopefully again the seed is reborn to take on protégés, leave a legacy and start one! I really put a lot of time and effort into the Summit this year, and it showed for the most part through the seamless production and being able to accomplish what I set out to on the program as well as a cultural lesson and testimonial to how our culture proliferates. I wasn’t happy with the judging situation on the Bboy/Bgirl Pros2Proteges. But I take responsiblility regardless. We strove not to have any judges from the same crew as contenders but obviously didn’t achieve that. I apologize about that to Casper and Prada G, definitely the realest example of concept Pros2Proteges. But ultimately im not mad that Lil Demon won w Flea. If I judged I would have considered that if it came down to such a close battle. But I didn’t cuz im in the same crew…deerrrr. Okay hemming this whole thing up, some outstanding shining moments in my memory from Summit this year: Friday had the illest DJs that made that party crack! And I loved seeing the young ones, XMOB hosting on the mic, clownin as only they can do! The OG Poppers showcase, Pandora’s performance, Fridays ciphers and cool vibe, The entire day on Saturday starting with the Freestyle dance panel and expo (youtube it, dancing is supreme!) except the footwork contest which was a hot mess, funny, and stressful, with me making up names to remember people (ugly kicks dude), and Kmel playing games with people. Sheesh..classic Summit activity! But props to Shadoe RSC for the win, I feel that was justified. Pros2Proteges on the MIC was mind blowing..I got the utmost respect for Percee P and Wildchild and the way they tore thru it, I would have been busting supreme to this, I do regret this, but im glad everyone got to enjoy it. Props to the cats busting cuz that’s what we are suppose to do, not just sit around watching. The way Click brought it in with the beatbox set the tone supreme, it was going DOWN! Yo really Saturday was just the Graff going down on the walls, to the hoop game and our BBQ booth! Crepes for $3? Now that’s ill! Sunday we were kinda stressed production wise, woke up late and still had the nerve to straighten my hair, and things were tripn up, but once I got the Pros2Proteges Panel started I felt better. The energy was incredibly alive, I mean you didn’t need any red bull or stimulants. Trust. The diversity in who was a part of Pros2Proteges battles was what got me. Watching the new class, BabyBoogaloo, Little Sweets, Lil Demon, Prada G, L Boogz, Anee, and Feenx with cats like Loose Caboose, Flomaster, and House FS…incredible! When hope got dim for me, and I realized we didn’t make what we needed to at the door to break even, a crazy orange bucket hat appeared in the center of the cipher, and EVERYONE put something in. I was awe struck. The love at that moment flowing around the room, was the real universal cipher, nodding in our direction. Im sorry that we could not offer any real prize money, that was DEF not part of the plan. That’s the part that is so frustrating because to not get the basic funding that we need to do the event, and then on top of it, the whole commUnity NOT attending, made it a losing situation. After the past 6+ months of hard work with a small mountain of dept now looming in front of me to the tune of around $12,000 I broke down (in a Thai restaurant on Sunday after Summit) and KICKED ROCKS. I walked down my deserted street in K town at 1am, asking GOD to please be shown a sign, Am I too naïve? Is my trusting nature my problem? Don’t I do good work? I keep it simple though, didn’t ask for money for boob job, and went somewhat dejectedly to sleep. Next morning, Monday, I got an email from a foundation awarding No Easy Props $9000 for our outstanding work with the CommUnity. So it was basically a wash, but at least I wasn’t going to be owing. I know Im not perfect, but Im honest and I live in truth and am blessed because of that, not the other way around. To all the artists involved, production staff, and volunteers (shoutout LAartLab), and community supporters, thank you all for your support and guidance throughout the journey! For all news and video past, present, future Don’t sleep we will be back!

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Bboy Summit Pros2Proteges Oct.19-21 LA!

September 25th, 2012 by asia

Well its about time.. to unleash the latest concept from the deep inertia of my brain..Pros2Protege Battle and Panel Series. In order to give the Bboy Summit its due respect, I need to come up with a concept that Im passionate about, or else I dont do the event. Whats the point of doing anything w/o inspiration these days? So in order to manifest my dream I set my goal to pair Pros of Hip-Hop: dance, art, music with their Proteges, in order to show conceptually how Hip-Hop gets passed down as an artform and culture. This is not a you tube culture, and in order to truly be “down” you need to be brought into the game, schooled, and earn your stripes. Nuff said this is how its going down.

Oct. 19: Summit King and Kween of the Cypher hosted by X-MOB
Basement Dance Studio in NoHo

Oct. 20: BBQ: Beats: Blackbooks
Lafayette Park LA
featuring: Pros2Proteges on the Mics and Walls, Footwork Contest, Freestyle Dance Expo and Panel, Blackbook contest, BBQ plates, Hip-Hop Marketplace

Oct. 21: Pros2Proteges Battle and Panel Series
Avalon Hollywood
$20 door/ $15 presale tix at Originators Store on Melrose starting 10/2/12
This is the meat n potatoes of the weekend. See top notch Elite Pros and their nasty Proteges go for broke, in a never seen before concept battle. Bare witness to style creators and innovators pair together to show how Hip-Hop skills are past along thru the ranks. Hear their stories on the Panel. Bboying/Bgirling/Popping/Locking

Check out the talent roster:

Dj’s: Eddie Funkster, Dam Funk, Matt Respect,
Marvski, Element, Slynke, Mark Luv, Abel,
Luman, Bonds, Rox Swift, Tony J, Richie Rich

Hosts: Kmel, Haze, Lil Rock, TekNYC, Frankie D,
Richie Rich, Tempo

Pros2Proteges Battle and Panel Series Featuring:

Anee & Wu tan
Casper & Prada G
House & Miracles
Shie Chan & Shigekix
Lil Cesar & Saewl
Smerf & L Boogie
Bonita & Feenix
Flea & Luigi

Frantick+ Devious
Jon Boogs+ She Street
Popula + J Rock
Snap Boogie +Chuco
Breeze Lee + Precise
J Smooth + Koyi
Scorpio + Noy
Marie Poppins + Pandora

Loose Caboose + Lil Sweets
Richie Rich and Baby Boogaloo
Arvidos and Supreme
Stars and Skills

Free Boogie (Popping)
Plik Plok (Popping)
T Rock (Footwork)
Lino (Bboy/Bgirl)
Crumbs (Bboy/Bgirl)
Abstrak (Bboy/Bgirl)
Damita Jo Freeman (Locking)
Anthony Thomas (Locking)
OG Skeeter Rabbit (Locking)

On the Mic:
Mellow Man Ace and Cazal
Tek and Akil
Percee P and WildChild
Deladia and Rass Kass
On the Walls:
Fame City Crew and West Coast Artists
Freestyle Panel:
Swoop, Brother, Popcorn Chicken, Chameleon, Alfie, Frankie D
More TBA!
For vending, sponsorship, or other inquires email:

coat of arms

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Bboyworld Asia Festival here I come! Sept. 28-30 Taipei Taiwan

September 25th, 2012 by asia

Wow, Asia in Asia..this is gona be crucial. So many asian countries will be in the house: Taiwan,China,Japan,Korea,Philippines,Thailand, and more! I cant wait to see the Bboys and Bgirls from all of these countries in one arena. This is really suppose to the be jam of the year as far as Asia is concerned, and im proud that such a big emphasis is on the females! I wish some of this enthusiasm would rub off on the home of Hip-Hop:USA. Seems as of late there are less and less Bgirls.Well I look forward to great sessions, good food, and meeting new friends, and copping some cheap fly kicks! check it out for yourselves!

Asia One Interview in Dance Mogul Magazine

August 21st, 2012 by asia

I am very soft spoken in this as I just trained for 4 hrs w Shabba Doo. WE keeps in real up in here. This interview basically says it all, why i do what i do the way I do and for who? You!

Asia One Footwork Class in Denver Sat. Aug.11 2pm

August 7th, 2012 by asia

Friends, countrymen, lend me your feet. Its time to get it right, get it tight, make that
footwork outta sight! When it comes to Bboy/Bgirl style of dance, its our footwork that creates the framework for our style on the floor. The foundation of footwork is based on a six-step and branches off of that to create our dynamic floorwork of intricate steps. Without proper knowledge and understanding of footwork; the flow, the feel, the foundation, you probably shooting blanks out there on the floor. Blanks is when you hit the floor and nothing translates. You may feel like your killing it, cuz your scrambling around like u drank some holy water, but not even Jesus is feeling you. I got ur remedy! I have been practicing footwork for around 18 years and I think I have it down! Its a long road, but a fun one filled with bits of history/herstory. Come journey with me!

fastest feet in da West

Asia One Interview on Rare Woman Radio

June 9th, 2012 by asia

Now this is a tasty treat if your into Hip-Hop culture and how we explain who we are and what we do. This interview deals with Hip-Hop’s misunderstood nature, and why we are soldiers on a path to make others understand us and why our commUnity is so great!

Bboy/Bgirl events featuring Asia One

March 21st, 2012 by asia

Life is one big road trip, or at least it should be. No boundaries, and a lot of great spontaneous moments along the way. Part of what makes Hip-Hop such a great culture is our hospitable nature, combined with our appreciation for cultural diversity. Our somewhat vagabond approach to life on our own terms, not dictated by purely financial gain or security, is what makes Hip-Hop Bboy/Bgirl culture so zesty. U got to play and stay in the game to be relevant, year after year, decade after decade.

Keep up with me if u got the pace!

Saturday March 24

Break Em Off 2

3vs3 Bboy/Bgirl Battles for $2,000

900 22nd st. Bakersfield, CA. 93301


Bboy Shiva

Bboy Shiva


Para mi gente… my first trip to Mexico City! Arriba!

Sunday April 1st
Bboy City Mexico

Mexico City

1vs1 Bboy Battle for Red Bull BC One Qualifier

freestyle and beatbox battle

Viva La Raza!


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